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Predictive Homoeopathy – Newest Developments

Why Predictive Homoeopathy?

Dr. Prafull Vijayakar from Mumbai is one of the most impressive and convincing practitioners of classical homoeopathy around. With his video-documented cases, he shows us new dimensions of curability, where diseases such as mental retardation, blindness, Parkinson’s or cancer are Dr. Vijayakar’s bread and butter. The clear, understandable system of Predictive Homoeopathy (PH) shows us as practitioners that Hahnemann’s classical homoeopathy can do more than we thought. In this way, we gain more confidence and make more successful prescriptions, whether the illnesses we are dealing with are very serious illnesses or milder. Dr. Vijayakar is constantly continuing to research his method and shares everything he knows unreservedly with his students and colleagues. His saying, “Measure me and my theories by the successes of my students!”, shows that his goal is to make homoeopathy accessible to everyone in a clear and comprehensible way.


The seminar

“Predictive Homoeopathy – Newest Developments”


Predictive Homoeopathy (PH) has made another great step in its development. Over the last few years, Prafull Vijayakar has increasingly been pursuing a deep understanding of pathology. What do cancer of the left breast, teeth falling out, ulcerative colitis or pain in the right shoulder mean? For Vijayakar, every illness has meaning and he tries to understand this meaning in order to understand the case better. For him it is about the mind of pathology. He explains his most recent findings with the help of video-documented cases which point the way to the right remedy. The mind of pathology is a further component of PH which makes it easier for us to make more successful prescriptions.


As Dr. Vijayakar no longer teaches outside India as often, we are very glad to have him with us in Regensburg.


Dr. Ambrish Vijayakar will assist his father during the seminar and also teach part of it himself. He is a Predictive Homoeopath in his own right and has already received standing ovations lasting several minutes at his seminars in Germany.


The seminar will be held in English with simultaneous translation into German.


4-day seminar

Date: Fri. 8th - Mon. 11th September, 2017

Location: Regensburg; Kolpinghaus,

Adolph-Kolping-Straße 1

Costs: €535 plus €60 for translation on headphones

Early bird until May 1: €495

Single days: €160 plus €20 headphones

First-time participants of the entire seminar will receive their choice of 1 PH DVD

Start: Friday, 8th September, 11 a.m. (entrance from 10 a.m.)

End: Monday, 11th September, 4 p.m.

Total of 32 lessons at 45 minutes each.

Medical direction: Dr. Thomas Quak [Fürstenfeldbruck].

Points for advanced training have been applied for with the Medical Association and “Diplompunkte” for DZVHÄ have also been applied for.

24 teaching units for advanced homoeopathy training and eight teaching units for advanced clinical training will be attested for alternative practitioners.

The seminar price does not include board and accommodation.

We are happy to help you look for a room.

Please book early!




Video clips from the "Sycosis" seminar 2013 with Dr. Ambrish Vijayakar



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